3M Scotch-Brite Roll Red 100mm x 10m.

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Application domain - For light cleaning, finishing, deburring and deburring of metal, plastic, wood and lacquer
- For manual and mechanical applications (finishing sander)
- Purple: to grind off new parts, side parts and engine valves, to scrape aluminum, to clean car tires and to clean and remove grease and rust from various parts in mechanical engineering
- Gray: to grind the areas, to slightly roughen the primer and lacquer (white) and to scrape the primers
- Copper: to depolish spray areas with critical colors, to roughen slightly and use for water-based paint systems
Characteristics - Nylon fibers, non-woven, impregnated with sanding grit
- Purple is the most aggressive
- Copper is the least aggressive
- Use wet or dry
- Resistant, flexible and fits well