Resin Epoxy tranparent to flow GreenCast

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Sicomin SR GreenCast 160 is a cast epoxy resin formulated with highly translucent components with improved UV resistance. It has been developed for the production of foundry objects and decoration requiring a neat finish, prototypes of bottles, Jewelry, Table, Furniture, etc.

This coating resin is preferably used as a casting resin without reinforcements because of its very light color and its curing without cracks. Unlike polyester casting resins, the epoxy resin cures without shrinking (<2%), providing a glossy surface that does not stick. Organic and inorganic preparations and metals are suitable for coating. The objects must be dry and non-porous (risk of bubble if air is trapped in objects).

The very low reactivity makes it possible to cast a high layer thickness without changing the color.
The resin has great clarity and does not create yellowing.
Dry at room temperature, can be annealed if necessary from 40 to 80 ° C.
Very easy mixing and excellent degassing.
Very good UV resistance
Almost odorless.
Excellent resistance to shock and thermal shock

Pot life (500g / 20 ° C): about 17 hours
(500g / 30 ° C): about 6.2 hours

Mixing ratio :
100: 42 parts by weight of resin: hardener

Calculate the quantity needed:
Width x Height x Length divided by 1000.
Ex: 10cm x 5cm x 100cm = 5000/1000 = 5 Liters

Riviera Couleurs
  • bright
  • included
  • colorless
  • Sanding
  • Tent impeccable
  • without withdrawal
  • inside

Technisches Datenblatt (SR_GreenCast_160_-_SD_7160_GE_0.pdf, 803 Kb) [Download]

Technical Datasheet (product-pdf1239.pdf, 222 Kb) [Download]

MSDS 160 DE (s-sicomin-sr-greencast-160-d.pdf, 115 Kb) [Download]

MSDS 160 FR (s-sicomin-sr-greencast-160-f.pdf, 135 Kb) [Download]

MSDS 7160 DE (s-sicomin-sd-7160-d.pdf, 256 Kb) [Download]

MSDS 7160 FR (s-sicomin-sd-7160-f.pdf, 257 Kb) [Download]

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