Presto "Styrene Free" Fiberglass Sealant is a two component polyester sealant that contains the new NT bonding agent. The sealant is composed of a pure, unsaturated polyester resin and fiberglass particles. For touching up major damages in industry and DIY, which show traces of rust and which...
Packaging1 kg BrandPresto
26.40 CHF 19.90 CHF
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Viscoplastic binder, water thinnable, fast drying (joint sealant) and good sanding properties. Resists yellowing.
Packaging1 Ltr BrandTeknos
30.00 CHF
Protective non-woven fabric in synthetic fibers 180gr / m2, extra-strong with non-slip adhesion, lined with a PE film. Can be used several times Self-adhesive underside Protects surfaces from damage Width: 1m Length: 50m Surface: 50m2 per roll
Size1m x 50m
105.50 CHF 98.00 CHF
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Brilliant nitrocombinate lacquer with high resistance to aging, for quality finishes. Good resistance to shocks and abrasion, fast drying. Mono component. brackets industrial manufactured goods - industrial vehicles - agricultural and machinery Aspect glossy 90...
BrandSestriere Vernici brightnessbright Consumption10m2 / kg DilutionThinner CS / 1
39.70 CHF
1545 JOLLY CAR, Nitrocellulosic Paint 1Kg, Color: White 1545 JOLLY CAR, Nitrocellulosic Paint 1Kg, Color: Tinted
ColorMatic 1K clear coat is a glossy, UV-resistant, fast-drying clear coat that can be applied universally to all existing base coats (solvent-based). Available in glossy and mat quality. Because of its very good flow and ease of polish, 1K Clear Coat glossy is highly suitable for spot...
Packaging400 ml brightnessbright BrandColormatic brightnessMast, bright, Satin
24.90 CHF
ColorMatic 1K epoxy undercoat is intended for universal use. It has the optimum characteristics in terms of adhesion and anticorrosive protection on sheet steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and anodized aluminum surfaces. Fast drying. Nice transition. Wet-on-wet application possible. Insulating...
BrandColormatic ColorGrey
24.90 CHF
ColorMatic 1K Sealant Primer is a modern 1K acrylic filler with very high hiding and filling power. Ideal for filling light scratches and small flatness defects on sanded substrates. Good adhesion to polyester putty, plastic and metal. Very smooth transition, recoverable in wet-on-wet process,...
Packaging400 ml BrandColormatic ColorBeige
25.15 CHF
ColorMatic 1K Filler is a universal 1K undercoat, which has excellent adhesion, rust protection and excellent filling power on all metal substrates. Weldable. Recoatable with all common water-based paints and 1K and 2K topcoat systems. Fast drying. Can be used as a primer or filler depending on...
Packaging400 ml BrandColormatic ColorWhite HG1
22.60 CHF
ColorMatic 1K Spray Sealant has extremely high covering power and stability. Ideal for filling in major flatness defects on sanded substrates. Very good adhesion to polyester putty, plastic and metal. Quality and characteristics Has extremely high covering power and stability. Very...
BrandColormatic ColorGrey
25.15 CHF
3M 235U sandpaper roll
Brand3M Grains120
52.50 CHF
Graduated scale for measuring the paint-hardener-thinner ratio. Graduated 2: 1 and 3: 1
8.20 CHF
The 2K ColorMatic underlayment filler can be used universally on all metal substrates, e.g. sheet steel, galvanized steel and aluminum with optimal characteristics of adhesion and protection against rust. Also adheres to fiberglass. After drying, recoatable with polyester products (putty)....
Packaging200 ml BrandColormatic ColorGrey
29.55 CHF
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