High quality synthetic bristles, stainless steel ferrule, gross handle, ideal for water-based paints such as polyurethane or acrylic paints, etc., excellent absorption, superfine and uniform finish. Width: 150mm Thickness: 9mm Benefits Durability (fivetimes...
23.80 CHF
Non-woven protection in synthetic fibers 160gr/m2, extra-robust with anti-slip adhesion, lined with a PE film. Can be used several times Self-adhesive underside Protects surfaces from damage White colour l 1'000.00 mm, l 50.00 m, 160.00 g/m² Presentation: Neutral pallet(s) of 36...
Size1m x 50m
85.50 CHF 64.60 CHF
You save: 20.90 CHF

Minimum quantity for "1010 Non-woven floor protection 180gr "Floorprotect" [CLONE]" is 36.

Matte facade paint based on high resistance acryl-siloxane resins Destination: Exterior walls, old plaster, Properties: -Optimal water resistance, excellent diffusion of water vapor. -Low soiling -High covering power -Optimal resistance to atmospheric agents
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSestriere Vernici brightnessMast Consumption7m2 / liter DilutionWater
27.15 CHF
Matt mineral paint for exterior walls based on polysilicates and inorganic pigments stable to light. Main advantages Fast drying. Good weather resistance. Based on the latest generation of silicates; stable dispersion of colloidal silicas (nanotechnology). Mineral...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / liter DilutionSupraliet Primer
36.60 CHF
Polyéthylène/Polypropylène laminé, faible de peluches, antistatique, élastique autour du cou et du visage et protection pour les épaules, taille universelle. Protection contre les poussières dangereuses et légères éclaboussures de liquides (TYP 5/6). Pour utilisation en environnement non dangereux.
2.50 CHF
The classic style collection The many structures with a uniform textile character – whether the weave is fine or coarse – impress with their style and simplicity. Universal use in all types of rooms. Combined with the appropriate paint systems, ideal for use in heavily frequented and highly...
288.00 CHF
The new NCS Index 2050 Industrial color chart is enriched with 100 new colors. Based on the Color Wheel, the search for a specific color is now more immediate. NCS Index 2050 Industrial provides a simple and convenient overview of the entire NCS collection. NCS Index 2050 Industrial...
216.00 CHF 199.00 CHF
You save: 17.00 CHF
Very absorbent white wiping paper. 320m x 21cm roll. Diameter 22cm. 100% Cellulose
17.20 CHF
Product advantages Ready-to-use dispersion adhesive Equalizes structures Ideal for polystyrene tiles Optimal for covering glass cloths Pasty: particularly easy and fast application For bonding: Polystyrene ceiling tiles Styrofoam-backed ceiling tiles Extruded...
Packaging7 Kg. BrandHenkel
62.00 CHF
Rallonge de buse de 30 cm de long Application de peinture ergonomique confortable sur les plafonds, murs hauts ou planchers Extension (filetage G) avec porte-buse pour une grande portée
BrandWagner Size30 cm
125.00 CHF
RAL Plastics is the color standard for plastics. Polypropylene multifunction plates guarantee the best possible translation of RAL paint colors into an identical color for plastics. RAL Plastics P1 includes the 100 favorite RAL Classic colors Format of the colored plastic...
2'035.00 CHF
presto epoxy resin is a two-component, solvent-free, liquid and slightly transparent repair, coating and laminating resin. Areas of use: for repairing, bonding and coating porous and smooth surfaces as impregnating resin for fiberglass reinforced coatings and molded parts as...
Packaging500 gr BrandPresto
34.90 CHF 32.95 CHF
You save: 1.95 CHF
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