Achieve a perfect finish with an acrylic enamel

Today's coatings must provide long-lasting protection and provide a wear-resistant surface with an impeccable surface appearance.
To achieve this objective, it is very important to use not only excellent quality products, but also suitable tools. To be able to have an excellent quality, the sanding tools and products are important. You can be sure that you always have the right tool for applying Rubbol BL varnishes.

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Non-woven to sand, for example 3M Scotch-brite
  3. Large felt felt pile
  4. Small felt felt pile
  5. Synthetic flat brush, e.g. Peka Aqua Synth
  6. Sanding paper
  7. Sanding disc
  8. Hand sander with suction system

It is the bristles of the brushes that do everything
Whatever the support, metal or wood, the following applies to all paintbrushes: synthetic bristles are ideal for water-based varnishes.


The primer is important for a perfect base:

On old woods, water-soluble substances must be perfectly isolated from all common types of wood with a single ecological base coat. Thanks to Rubbol BL Isoprimer , you will be able to work only with aqueous products.

For new or already painted surfaces, the Herbol Hydroprimer or D'eco Universal Primer

are valuable assets for optimal grip and a perfect finish.
Once the primer is applied, 90% of the work is already done!

High-end finish with perfect stretch

The Rubbol BL range from Sikkens is renowned for its peerless finishes with ideal characteristics.

  • Extended opening time
  • Easy installation and without fittings
  • Little odor
  • High covering power
  • High hardness of surfaces
  • Non Yellowing