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Anti-mold acryl siloxane coating for exteriors Concrete By Novacolor is a fine grain (0.5-0.7mm) acryl siloxane coating for mold-resistant exteriors. The acrylic binder, associated with the siloxane component allows Concrete By Novacolor to obtain surface hardness and excellent resistance...
Packaging5 Kg BrandNovacolor
64.35 CHF
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“Concrete” effect lime plaster Archi + Concrete is a powdered lime plaster, formulated in accordance with the rules of tradition. It is composed of hydrated lime, white concrete, inert materials specially selected and rheological modifiers to guarantee an excellent applicability.The...
Packaging15 Kg BrandNovacolor
128.45 CHF
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Complete kit for 9 to 10m2 depending on the type of support and thickness of application. contains: -5Kg of Micromortier -2.5ltr Binder Acrylcem -1Ltr basecoat F300 -2Ltr Protector varnish with hardener Description: Micromortier for renovation and decoration of floors,...
BrandPaviswiss brightnessMast Consumption500 to 700gr / m2
499.00 CHF
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Complete kit (without protective varnish) for 1.3 to 1.8m2 approximately depending on the type of support and thickness of application. Contains: -1Kg of Micromortier -0.5ltr Of Acrylcem binder -0.25Ltr of Basecoat F300 Description: Micromortier for the renovation and decoration of...
Size1.75 Kg. BrandPaviswiss brightnessMast Consumption500 to 700gr / m2
79.00 CHF
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Vernis de protection incolore mat profond à très haute résistance à l'abrasion, bonne élasticité, non jaunissant. Pour la protection des effets Béton et autres produits de décoration poreux. Rapports de mélange...
brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / liter DilutionWater
52.65 CHF
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Athena is a product based on acrylic copolymer in water and special additives which give the product an excellent adhesion on particularly smooth surfaces, such as tiles, stoneware, mosaic or similar. Applicable on: Difficult surfaces : tiles, stoneware, mosaic or similar.
Packaging5 Ltr BrandNovacolor Consumption17m2 / liter
201.90 CHF
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Wall2Floor Block is a two-component product based on epoxy resins for the realization of a vapor barrier for the “Wall2Floor System”. Wall2Floor Block mixed with Wall2Floor Sand creates a three-component epoxy base for the “Wall2Floor System”.
BrandNovacolor Consumption300gr / m2
175.00 CHF
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Clear Finish est une protection bi - composante diluable à l’eau à base de résines polyuréthanes, disponible en version Glossy ( brillante ) , Satin ( satinée ) e t Matt ( mate ) . Le Composant B de Clear Finsh est un durcisseur de polyisocyanate...
Packaging3.25 Ltr BrandNovacolor Consumption6-7 m2/ltr DilutionWater
264.65 CHF
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High performance two-component polyurethane protection Clear Finish CountertopProtection is a two-component protective finish for surfaces requiring high performance, water-dilutable protection. Clear Finish Countertop perfectly protects horizontal surfaces decorated with Wall2Floor Top...
Packaging1.3 Ltr BrandNovacolor brightnessMast Consumption6-7 m2/ltr DilutionWater
114.20 CHF
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Cement-based leveling product for surface preparation. Wall2Floor Rasal is a cement putty composed of highly selected natural sand, special binders and additives for perfect adhesion to the substrate and perfect workability. Smoothing product for horizontal and vertical...
Packaging25 Kg BrandNovacolor Consumption, 1.3 Kg/m2
106.35 CHF
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Fiberglass frame with anti-alkali treatment. 50 m 2 rolls
136.80 CHF
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Wall2Floor Sand is a specific powder additive for the “Wall2Floor System”.
BrandNovacolor Consumption, 3.6 Kg/m2
28.30 CHF
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