Exterior Putty

2-component renovation paste, specially designed for applications on wood or other materials. For the sustainable renovation of elements, for sealing cracks or repairing damage caused by rotting of wood. Application Notes Observe the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet....
ColorWhite Packaging232gr
19.70 CHF
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Colourless aqueous mastic to fill in end-wood, outdoor and indoor. Also for MDF edge. 
BrandSikkens DilutionWater, Ready to use
21.95 CHF
MASTIFIX , résine d’époxy élastique haute performance intérieure et extérieure à usage professionnel, parfaitement étanche aux multiples fonctions : Assemblage invisible (charpente bois) Collage...
17.65 CHF
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Pistolet doseur pour mastic besta profi 250gr
17.30 CHF
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Mastic réparateur pour le bois à deux composants à base d’acrylate d’uréthane, pour l’intérieur et l’extérieur. • Hautement résistant • Cartouche 2 en 1 • Grande...
22.55 CHF
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For connection joints, expansion joints for glass and sanitaryware. Fungicidal treat.
Packaging300 ml Colortransparent BrandSista
16.15 CHF 13.90 CHF
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Mastic for facades Domains of application : cracks in render and stonework, indoor and outdoor Characteristics: Looks like render Auto-adherent Adhere on damp and absorbent supports Can be painted Universal compatibility with most of...
9.45 CHF
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Enduit allégé de rebouchage en pâte, extérieur, pour application manuelle recouvrable par tous types d’enduits extérieurs et peintures : organiques et minérales en film mince, RPE, RSE et revêtements d’imperméabilité....
Packaging1 Ltr BrandToupret DilutionReady to use
24.10 CHF 20.50 CHF
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Toupret FIBAREX is a fiber-reinforced, exterior filler and repair plaster for manual application. Toupret FIBAREX can be applied on new or renovated, raw or painted substrates and can be covered with all types of exterior plasters and paints: organic and mineral thin film, RPE, RSE and...
39.50 CHF
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Toupret GRANIREX is a powder coating, exterior, for manual application. Toupret GRANIREX is enriched with short fibers for better grip and greater resistance, and granite to keep the grain of the cement. GRANIREX can be applied on new or renovated, raw or painted substrates and can be covered...
Packaging6 Kg BrandToupret
25.30 CHF
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Durcisseur de bois Incolore Pénètre en profondeur Renforce l'adhérence des enduits et peintures
24.30 CHF 21.00 CHF
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Glazier's putty and for small flexible filling on wood
Packaging1 kg BrandToupret DilutionReady to use ColorWhite
15.30 CHF
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