boat varnish

Synthetic transparent varnish with good elasticity and weather resistance for colorless coats on interior and exterior woodwork . Base binder: long oil alkyd resin Properties: - gives transparent varnishes resistant to wear, knocks and shocks and good resistance...
Packaging750 ml BrandRuco brightnessbright Consumption9m2 / kg DilutionWhite spirit
33.20 CHF
VARNISH FLATTING MARIN BRILLANT Single component alkyd flatting varnish with very easy application for indoor and outdoor surfaces. This varnish makes it possible to obtain films that are shiny, dilatant, elastic and resistant to the marine environment. Recommended for painting any type of...
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani
40.30 CHF
Convient pour toute surface extérieure ou intérieure en bois (pont, mât, cabines…), sauf la partie immergée de la coque des bateaux. Boiseries extérieures et structures de bateaux. Très beau tendu. Aspect brillant ambré. A base de résines alkydes. Excellente résistance aux contraintes ....
Packaging750 ml BrandV33 brightnessbright Consumption9m2 / kg DilutionWhite spirit
36.30 CHF
Two-component polyurethane varnish. Exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents, marine air, abrasion, very good tension. - Covering power per layer: 12m2 / l - Application: roller, brush, spray gun - Drying: for overcoating: 8h at 20 ° C complete: 3 days at 20 ° C - Thinner: 5780 max. 20% for...
64.00 CHF
Water-based polyurethane varnish for finishing, two-component, non-yellowing satin transparent. High resistance to the marine environment. Particularly indicated for the treatment of partitions, furniture and all interior wooden surfaces. Excellent expansion and abrasion resistance. Ready to use...
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani DilutionWater
77.90 CHF
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