Beige spray filler To fill in scratches, rough surfaces, pores and other unevenness in the material. Must be used on white steel, polyester putty, old paint and fiberglass. Pot life: 30-40 minutes Drying time: 120 minutes at 20 ° C, 30 minutes at 60 ° C Sandable after 2 or 3 hours Jet...
25.70 CHF
presto epoxy resin is a two-component, solvent-free, liquid and slightly transparent repair, coating and laminating resin. Areas of use: for repairing, bonding and coating porous and smooth surfaces as impregnating resin for fiberglass reinforced coatings and molded parts as...
Packaging500 gr BrandPresto
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Anti-corrosive, air-drying and oven-proof primer and primer for universal use on heavy and light metals (aluminum, zinc, copper etc.) indoors and outdoors. Can be used as a bonding agent or as a quality anti-rust background! Base Binder: Vinyl Polybutyral / Condensation Resin Anti-Rust Pigment:...
Packaging750 ml BrandRuco brightnessMast Consumption8m2 / liter ColorGray - Ral 7035
28.95 CHF
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