for synthetic product

for thorough cleaning and optimal conservation of 6 different brushes, resistant to water and solvent, with drip grid. The brushes in the photo are not included. Dimension: Diameter 16cm - Height 30cm
20.50 CHF
Comb to mimic the look of wood. Made of rubber. Width 10cm
14.60 CHF
Round brush, black Chinese bristles Premium quality, particularly suitable for cutting or recoating work. With single ligature and stainless copper ferrule. Dimension: N ° 0 = diameter 10mm N ° 2 = diameter 21mm N ° 4 = diameter 29mm N ° 6 = diameter 35mm
BrandStorch Size0
15.15 CHF
High quality synthetic special bristles, silver seamless ferrule, gross and round handle, ideal for water-based paints such as polyurethane or acrylic paints, etc., also suitable for paints and synthetic resin fairly viscous and containing solvents, excellent absorption, fine and uniform...
18.90 CHF 16.25 CHF
You save: 2.65 CHF
Pinceau à plat à vernir. Mélange spécial de soies synthétiques, virole INOX en acier fin, manche brut. EASY pour presque toutes les peintures courantes. La nouvelle génération pour les spécialistes, l'artisan et le bricoleur exigeant. Pour l'exécution efficace de la peinture quotidienne....
BrandPeka Width20mm
4.40 CHF
Flat brush, high quality black bristles from China, white sheet steel ferrule and brown varnished handle.
BrandStorch Width20mm
3.50 CHF
*Swiss Made* Un look d'embassadeur de café grissonnant, une glisse meilleure qu'un ski Suisse, plus durable encore que notre neutralité et d'une finition digne d'une montre haut de gamme. Le Peka Aquasynt Pro Light 1951 est la nouvelle mouture phare de Peka. soies synthétiques spéciales...
BrandPeka Width40 mm
18.90 CHF
Set of 4 brushes in white natural silk. Wooden handle, copper ferrule. Ideal for small painting, DIY, single use, etc ... Excellent quality ratio.
13.90 CHF 11.12 CHF
You save: 2.78 CHF
Ideal brush for stain and wood products in general.
BrandStorch Width30mm
5.75 CHF
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