Wall plaster

SPECIFIC FOR COATING INTERIOR WALL SURFACES It ensures uniform surfaces with low absorption. Easy to apply and sand. Not recommended outdoors
Packaging250 ml BrandSestriere Vernici
5.30 CHF
Time-saving powder coating finish, interior, for manual application. SUPPORTS: CACHET BLEU is applied on new or renovated, raw or painted substrates : • Plaster, plaster tiles, plasterboards, • Old painted bases, • All types of plaster, • Cement, concrete....
Packaging5 Kg BrandToupret
26.40 CHF
Toupret FIBAREX is a fiber-reinforced, exterior filler and repair plaster for manual application. Toupret FIBAREX can be applied on new or renovated, raw or painted substrates and can be covered with all types of exterior plasters and paints: organic and mineral thin film, RPE, RSE and...
45.85 CHF
Toupret GRANIREX is a powder coating, exterior, for manual application. Toupret GRANIREX is enriched with short fibers for better grip and greater resistance, and granite to keep the grain of the cement. GRANIREX can be applied on new or renovated, raw or painted substrates and can be covered...
Packaging6 Kg BrandToupret
26.20 CHF
  Powder filler ideal to fill all sized interior holes and cracks. It is also particularly suitable to fix cornices and staff mouldings. Available: - in ready to use tube of 330 gr. - in powder, bag of 1 and 5 kg. 
Packaging5 Kg BrandToupret
28.10 CHF
Repair Filler Ideal for filling holes and cracks of all sizes on raw dry or painted surfaces outside Very rich in resin Adhesion to all substrates Extreme hardness Repair without formwork White Rapid redoubling and painting
Packaging2 Kg BrandToupret DilutionWater
25.75 CHF
Redlight is a light coating of filling and smoothing in paste, interior, for manual application, which is applied on all raw or painted supports and is recoverable by all types of coatings, paints and wall coverings. Redlight guarantees you a 30-minute painting. Painting 30 minutes...
ColorWhite BrandToupret
18.35 CHF 15.90 CHF
You save: 2.45 CHF
Sealant for all supports      Special soft or blocked media      Exceptional adhesion      Ideal for wet rooms      Sanding      Characteristics...
BrandToupret DilutionReady to use
39.00 CHF