Renovation of kitchen doors, tiles and work plan

Before and after.

painting kitchen

Products used:
Doors: Base coat with "eco Universal Primer", Rubbol BL Satura finish shade: GN.02.90
Tile: "Aquaplast", 2 layers, shade: A0.41.28
Worktop: "Aquaplast" 2 layers, color: RAL 7024
Photo taken after 2 years of use.

Detached villa in Aigle, Herbol Herboxan.

Astra Hotel in Vevey, Herbol Thermotop.

Small wooden table, D'Ecò impregnation

Roldeco Crissier, Herbol Acryl Satin

Auberge Communale in Vallorbe, Different Sax products

These examples in which we participated were produced either by professional companies or by individuals, according to our advice or that of our suppliers. On request, we are happy to provide the addresses of the owners.