Terraces - Wooden floors

Le dégriseur bois nettoie, dégrise et éclaircit tous les bois grisaillés par le soleil et les intempéries. Ce produit bois extérieur permet aussi d’éliminer les coulures et les taches de rouille. Usages...
Packaging5 Ltr
84.00 CHF 75.60 CHF
You save: 8.40 CHF
Saturator for the coating of wooden construction elements without formal and dimensional stability on the outside FOR DECORATION AND LONG-TERM PROTECTION OF WOOD: DECK BLADES, RAILINGS, GARDEN FURNITURE, SIDING… This water-dilutable glaze, forming a minimal protective film, is very easy to...
Packaging10 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMast Consumption13m2/ltr DilutionReady to use
320.95 CHF 274.65 CHF
You save: 46.30 CHF
Glazes with metallised effects based on non-film forming special oil emulsion (open to the diffusion of water vapor). For external woodwork. The product is low odor and forms an elegant matt satin surface , highly permeable to water vapor, which does not crack and is easy to...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMetallic Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionReady to use, Water
50.50 CHF 46.25 CHF
You save: 4.25 CHF
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