Gamme Plâtrier

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AIRSPRAY J - JOINT STRIP BONDING FINISH Toupret AIRSPRAY J is a finishing coating and bonding of joint strips in paste, interior, for manual or airless application. 2 in 1: finishing and gluing joint tapes Manual and Airless Machine flow 5L/min Neat finish Easy sanding
PackagingSac - 25Kg.
26.40 CHF

Minimum quantity for "Airspray JOINT & FINISH" is 40.

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Special Airless filling and smoothing coating Premium quality Easy to sand High application comfort Very filling AIRSPRAY 2 IN 1 applies to all raw and painted supports: • Plaster, plasterboard, • Bubbled concrete, aerated concrete, bricks, concrete...
PackagingSac - 25Kg. BrandToupret
21.00 CHF

Minimum quantity for "Airspray LEVEL" is 40.

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Leveling coating, very filling, interior, for Airless application. AIRSPRAY G is applied on all raw and painted supports and is recoverable by all types of plasters, paints and wall coverings. Excellent value Easy to sand Don't cavit Very filling AIRSPRAY G applies...
PackagingSeau - 25Kg. BrandToupret
53.00 CHF

Minimum quantity for "Airspray LEVEL & FINISH" is 1.

Jointing plasterboard for angles Strong resistance High flexural strength Central groove for easy folding Electro-galvanized metal strips: prevents rust
54.00 CHF