The paint gives a sporty effect to vehicles of all kinds, especially suitable for sports rims. Quality and properties High quality nitro-combi Fast drying Unleaded Optimizes shine Weather resistant Good grip Excellent filling power High surface resistance as well as good...
BrandDuplicolor brightnessbright ColorRed
19.10 CHF
Peinture élastomère en spray pelable formant une couche de protection. Application sur tous les supports lisses, non absorbant, comme par exemple le métal, l'aluminium, les plastiques durs peints, le verre. Vidéo  
23.70 CHF
Nicro 304 Zinc Brillant is a protective spray for iron and steel, is electrically conductive and has a powerful long lasting protection thanks to its cathodic effect and resistance to salt water, gas, acids , alkalinity and bad weather.
Packaging500 ml BrandRuco
23.95 CHF
Replacement nozzle with variable jet, 10pcs. Suitable for: Anti-rust undercoat 1K undercoat for aluminum 1k undercoat for zinc 1k epoxy undercoat Filler primer (HG1- HG8) Spray putty thick primer 1K filler Hi-speed 2K undercoat filler Hi-speed 2K epoxy undercoat filler Insulation...
7.55 CHF
Replacement wide jet nozzle, 10pcs. Suitable for: Body spray Tailor-made spray Anti-static Plastic Cleaner Spray Pre-fill Spray
7.55 CHF
Replacement wide jet nozzle, 10pcs Suitable for: Bumper spray Thinner-fitting spray 1K varnish 2K varnish
7.55 CHF
Replacement round jet nozzle, 10pcs. Suitable for: Black control Silver chrome for rims
7.55 CHF
high-quality special lacquer, developped for plastic parts. Best adhesion without a special primer. Available in 6 popular original plastic shades. For the painting of hard plastics at the car in original plastic shades. Suitable for use on the following hard plastics:...
27.85 CHF
ColorMatic Silicone Remover is essential for professional paintwork results because it thoroughly removes dirt, grease, oil, silicone, wax, tar, adhesive residues etc. ColorMatic silicone remover saves a great deal of time because it is quick and easy to use and universally applicable. It...
Packaging400 ml BrandColormatic
24.90 CHF
A multipurpose cleaner spray, with a fresh citrus scent that works effectively on hard-to-remove substances including grease, oils grime and many adhesives. Can be used on most painted or unpainted metals (including aluminium and stainless steel), ceramic, glass and porcelain and many...
Packaging200 ml Brand3M
17.65 CHF
DUPLI-COLOR mica lacquer spray paint is rust protection, undercoat and topcoat in one step. It imparts an attractive and durable satin surface to badly aged metals. For corrosive metals (iron, sheet steel), e.g. garden fences, gates, balustrades, gardening tools, games (swings) and much more....
Packaging400 ml ColorSilber BrandDuplicolor
24.90 CHF
Turns all MOTIP DUPLI spray cans to mobile spray guns. For clean paint jobs - without coloured fingers. Allows non-tiring painting, even of bigger surfaces. Easy handling. Reusable for many times. Creates controllable dosage.  
Packaging400 ml
6.95 CHF
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