Universal color chart that brings together standard colors for paint and coating. The collection includes 215 colours, used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety. The high-quality RAL K5 gloss color spectrum includes all 215 RAL CLASSIC colours. It is ideal...
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RAL Plastics is the color standard for plastics. Polypropylene multifunction plates guarantee the best possible translation of RAL paint colors into an identical color for plastics. RAL Plastics P1 includes the 100 favorite RAL Classic colors Format of the colored plastic...
2'035.00 CHF
Ral D2 color chart Contains the 1825 colors of the Ral Design system  
210.00 CHF
The 840-HR is the standard of the RAL Classic collection in semi matt finish. The 840-HR collection contains the 213 RAL Classic colors for color control and comparison. Each sample contains the XYZ values with the distance from the original standard and the % R curves. Semi-matt...
The RAL D8 color chart presents the 1,825 RAL Design colors in semi-matt finish in one color per page format. This format allows rapid visualization of RAL DESIGN colors. This compact box contains 8 color charts with the 1825 colors, a representation of the tones present and the CIELab...
Wide range of colors with the 70 metallic RAL EFFECT colors. Size of color samples 12.8 x 5.0 cm.
49.00 CHF
Universal colour chart which groups standard colours for painting and covering. The collection contains 213 colours used in architecture, building, industry and road safety.
16.90 CHF
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