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Destination - Sur bois brut à pores ouverts: chêne, frêne, châtaignier. - Peut s’appliquer sur pin ou sapin pour un effet de patine. Performances - Donne un bel effet décoratif. - Réalisation facile. Mode...
Packaging250 ml BrandLiberon brightnessMast DilutionReady to use
20.50 CHF
Fluorescent paint based on alkyd urethane water dilutable for exterior-interior MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: -FLUO - suitable for application on wood, iron, masonry, concrete surfaces - excellent elasticity and distension - abrasion resistance - ease of application - excellent brush...
40.00 CHF
Destination Retouching felt is applied to all rough, varnished or waxed wood. performances The touch-up felt masks addicts who remove the wood color, leaving whitish streaks unattractive. Manual 1. Color the wood with the felt chosen in the shade closest to that of your piece...
18.40 CHF
Destination Applies to all rough woods, varnishes or waxes. performances - Composed of colored hard waxes. - Allow to fill by simple friction scratches, scratches, scratches of claws ... - Proposed in 3 shades (light, medium, dark) to approach the desired shade. Manual...
13.25 CHF
DUPLI-COLOR Magnetic Paint Magnets directly cling to the wall. Forget unwieldy pin boards and residues from adhesive tape or holes from steel pins at the wall. Special properties: The Magnetic Brush Paint is suitable to be repapered with a thin wallpaper or to be painted with...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandDuplicolor Consumption2.5m2 / liter DilutionReady to use
74.20 CHF
Email synthétique résistant aux chocs et aux coups pour des vernissages mat noirs, pour la réalisation de tableaux noirs dans le domaine privé, panneaux d'information, décoration ludique et pratique (trop bien mes rimes hein?) de chambre et cuisine,...
Packaging375 ml BrandRuco brightnessMast Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionWhite spirit
19.90 CHF
Magnets on powerful magnetic paint Pack of 6 cubes or 8 balls
15.45 CHF