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The Abita color chart is surprisingly efficient. With these 253 colors it offers a modern and timeless choice at the same time. ABITA is a pocket-sized color palette, folded into a gusset and therefore easy to consult; it makes it possible to create the perfect harmonies through the...
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The "Wood Classics" color chart contains all the classic shades of Sikkens stains. This beautiful tool is a must for all painters.
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Color chart containing the 17 classic colors of Sikkens stains. By purchasing this color chart you will receive a voucher of 10.- valid for any purchase of Sikkens stain. For each wood and each application the complete range of Glacis Cetol offers the right protection. Cetol glazes...
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Universal color chart that brings together standard colors for paint and coating. The collection includes 215 colours, used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety. The high-quality RAL K5 gloss color spectrum includes all 215 RAL CLASSIC colours. It is ideal...
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The Cetol Color Card allows you to see exactly what your woodwork will look like with our transparent or opaque stains. The map brings together 76 trendy colors, applied on fir plywood and conveys the latest color trends in the sector.
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This color chart is a complete official NCS color chart comprising the 1950 colors of the NCS system Specification: -Collection of samples of 1950 color references -Organized in five sets: grayscale, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y)...
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nuancier deco lasure
The ecological water glaze for interior and exterior: Colorful and modern shades, easy to apply and UV resistant.
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RAL Plastics is the color standard for plastics. Polypropylene multifunction plates guarantee the best possible translation of RAL paint colors into an identical color for plastics. RAL Plastics P1 includes the 100 favorite RAL Classic colors Format of the colored plastic...
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The NCS INDEX 1950 Original color chart is the standard of the Natural Color System range. This fan contains all 1950 NCS colors. All NCS colors are grouped into 5 color groups: Grey Yellow (G80Y-Y70R) Red (Y80R-T70B) Blue (R80B-B70G) Green (B80G-G70Y) with intermediate pages allowing...
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The new NCS Index 2050 Industrial color chart is enriched with 100 new colors. Based on the Color Wheel, the search for a specific color is now more immediate. NCS Index 2050 Industrial provides a simple and convenient overview of the entire NCS collection. NCS Index 2050 Industrial...
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