Metallic and Pearl effect

Aqueous and decorative coating for walls with metallic effect, for interiors.
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMetallic Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionWater
53.50 CHF
Protective and decorative finish with wrought iron look suitable for surfaces of different nature, with good expansion, adhesion and tension. Performances comparable to solvent-based micaceous products, the nature of the resin and the formulation of this product make it possible to obtain strong...
Packaging750 ml BrandSestriere Vernici brightnessMetallic Consumption7m2 / liter DilutionWater
35.90 CHF
La superposition des produits Effet Métal Préparation et Effet Métal Finition permet de créer des effets métaux vieillis en donnant profondeur et relief à différents types de matériaux. Résistante aux chocs, intempéries et UV, cette peinture protège de la rouille et est garantie 4 ans : pour un...
ColorArgent Vieilli
38.00 CHF 15.00 CHF
You save: 23.00 CHF
Revetements décoratif a effet sablé et nacré. Extremement simple d'utilisation, il procure des effets de grande classe et hors du commun en un temps record. Applicable au spalter en une ou deux couches selon le degré de finition souhaité. Appliquer...
BrandSestriere Vernici brightnesspearly, Metallic Consumption5m2 / Liter
49.25 CHF
Quick-drying and shiny gold bronzes based on coumarone resin for decorative interior layers; limited resistance to friction. Base binder: Bronze stain (neutral coumarone resin) Pigments: Leafing bronze powder (copper-zinc alloy) Properties: - gives layers of golden bronze with an...
Packaging750 ml BrandRuco ColorOr riche - Reichgold
61.10 CHF
Metallo Fuso is a decorative coating based on metallic powders for interior walls. It consists of powders of metal alloys, two-component epoxy resin compounds, fillers and special rheological additives, which allows the product to have excellent workability. The application of Metallo Fuso...
602.00 CHF
Decorative coating for interiors with metallic effect Africa is a finish for interior decorations based on fillers with slightly metallic effects. These fillers create a pleasant play of light and reflected colors. Jobs Africa provides velvety chromatic solutions and visual and tactile...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandNovacolor Consumption9m2 / liter
98.05 CHF
Soft metallic texture for interiors with a moderately pearly and matte effect Animamundi interprets the concept of “washed-out concrete” in an innovative way, offering on the one hand a product with a slightly pearly and mat effect, and on the other hand a strong material connotation.
Packaging1 Ltr BrandNovacolor Consumption6m2 / liter
92.50 CHF
Enduit décoratif avec effet nacré et velouté Consommation : 8 - 10 m²/litre sur deux couches
Packaging1 Ltr
107.00 CHF
Enduit décoratif avec effet nacré et velouté Consommation : 8 - 10 m²/litre sur deux couches
Packaging1 Ltr BrandNovacolor
87.80 CHF
Uniquement teinte DS 14001 à 14111
Decorative distressed finish for interiors and exteriors R-stone is a decorative finish with stone effect and antique patina, available in Rosso, Verde, Blu, Perla, Metal Silver and Metal Gold. It is formulated with selected metallic pigments, unsaponifiable resins and rheological...
Packaging5 Kg BrandNovacolor
102.60 CHF
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