Scotch longue durée

  Characteristics : • The aggressive adhesive sticks even on hard surfaces.   • Thanks to its polyethylene coating, this tape resists to humidity. • Easy to unroll and to tear by hand. • Its flexibility increases the sealing effect.
14.50 CHF
„waterproof“, removable without residue for 6 months, medium adhesive power, ultra-fine and comfortable for sharp paint edges on the edges, resistant to solvents and UV rays, for smooth and slightly textured surfaces,
BrandPeka Width25mm
6.15 CHF
  Characteristics: • Thanks to its high adhesion power, this tape adhere also on rough, porous and slightly dusty surfaces. • It can be removed without residues up to 3 days after the application on most of surfaces, even if it has been exposed to the sunlight....
7.10 CHF
  Characteristics : • Not very sticky masking tape for clean color  edges. • Particularly adapted to mask indoor delicate surfaces thanks to its weak adhesion which doesn’t damage them. • Can be removed without residues. • Good UV...
14.10 CHF
Characteristics : • Thanks to its acrylate adhesive, which doesn’t dry out, the tape number 2090 presents an excellent UV resistance. • So it suits long-term masking works and exposed UV surfaces protection, where using traditional masking tapes might cause...
8.10 CHF
Scotch longue durée, finition parfaite.
10.85 CHF