VC Tar2 is a two-component epoxy primer providing protection against osmosis on gelcoat-coated polyester boats and anti-corrosion protection on steel and light alloys. Usable only below the waterline * Self-leveling to give an excellent finish * Easy to apply - over-coating quickly * no...
brightnessMast Consumption11m2 / liter
77.93 CHF
for inflatable parts of inflatable boats. Painting for Zodiac.
Packaging500 ml BrandVeneziani Consumption10m2 / liter ColorWhite
55.25 CHF
Accrochage pour alliage et antirouille. (Vert)
53.15 CHF 47.67 CHF
You save: 5.48 CHF
Primary based on synthetic polymers. Single component primer suitable for Gel Coat, glass fibers and epoxy undercoats such as Epoway and Aquastop. Fast drying, mainly used as primer for antifouling on fiberglass shells or Gel Coat new or laid bare. It is not essential to pass the support to the...
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani
47.00 CHF
Under insulating layer, very good impermeability, ease of use. In single layer, serves to isolate the new antifouling of the old. - Covering power per layer: 6 m2 / l - Application: brush, roller, spray gun - Drying: for overcoating 24h at 20 ° C Complete: 24 to 20 ° C - Thinner: 6470
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani
42.30 CHF
Réticulation rapide. (Blanc cassé)
53.30 CHF 46.14 CHF
You save: 7.16 CHF
Two-component epoxy primer, usable on all types of support, which can be used as primer or under layer. Can be covered even after several months by antifouling the Veneziani range. - Covering power per layer: 6 m2 / l - Application: brush, spray gun - Drying: for overcoating 10h min. - Thinner:...
50.40 CHF
Forte accroche sur Aquastop et parfait pour antifouling blanc.
129.00 CHF
presto epoxy resin is a two-component, solvent-free, liquid and slightly transparent repair, coating and laminating resin. Areas of use: for repairing, bonding and coating porous and smooth surfaces as impregnating resin for fiberglass reinforced coatings and molded parts as...
Packaging500 gr BrandPresto
34.90 CHF 32.95 CHF
You save: 1.95 CHF
Two-component, solvent-free epoxy fine putty for use underwater and more particularly underwater on all common shipbuilding materials. The mortar fills in small flatness defects and fills in micro-cracks, it resists water particularly well and practically does not shrink. Particularly...
Packaging500 gr BrandPresto
42.10 CHF