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ColorMatic 1K clear coat is a glossy, UV-resistant, fast-drying clear coat that can be applied universally to all existing base coats (solvent-based). Available in glossy and mat quality. Because of its very good flow and ease of polish, 1K Clear Coat glossy is highly suitable for spot...
Packaging400 ml brightnessbright BrandColormatic brightnessSatin, Mast, bright
24.90 CHF
DUPLI-COLOR RAL Acrylic Clear Lacquer is a high-quality cristal-clear varnish coating for spray paints on acrylic or nitro-combi basis, such as DUPLI-COLOR Metallic, Neon or other spray paints. For many applications in the home and hobby sector: Protects and fixes grasses, straw and...
Packaging400 ml brightnessbright BrandDuplicolor brightnessbright, Mast
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DUPLI-COLOR Frozen Glass Effect gives a look like iced resp, “milky” glass to transparent objects, e.g. glass, windows, vases, mirrors, paintable plastics. The spray has best effect on transparent surfaces. The specific feature is that the object remains translucent. Whether the surface is...
16.45 CHF
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