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ColorMatic 1K epoxy undercoat is intended for universal use. It has the optimum characteristics in terms of adhesion and anticorrosive protection on sheet steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and anodized aluminum surfaces. Fast drying. Nice transition. Wet-on-wet application possible. Insulating...
BrandColormatic ColorGrey
24.90 CHF
ColorMatic 1K Sealant Primer is a modern 1K acrylic filler with very high hiding and filling power. Ideal for filling light scratches and small flatness defects on sanded substrates. Good adhesion to polyester putty, plastic and metal. Very smooth transition, recoverable in wet-on-wet process,...
Packaging400 ml BrandColormatic ColorBeige
25.15 CHF
ColorMatic 1K Filler is a universal 1K undercoat, which has excellent adhesion, rust protection and excellent filling power on all metal substrates. Weldable. Recoatable with all common water-based paints and 1K and 2K topcoat systems. Fast drying. Can be used as a primer or filler depending on...
Packaging400 ml BrandColormatic ColorWhite HG1
22.60 CHF
ColorMatic 1K Spray Sealant has extremely high covering power and stability. Ideal for filling in major flatness defects on sanded substrates. Very good adhesion to polyester putty, plastic and metal. Quality and characteristics Has extremely high covering power and stability. Very...
BrandColormatic ColorGrey
25.15 CHF
The 2K ColorMatic underlayment filler can be used universally on all metal substrates, e.g. sheet steel, galvanized steel and aluminum with optimal characteristics of adhesion and protection against rust. Also adheres to fiberglass. After drying, recoatable with polyester products (putty)....
Packaging200 ml BrandColormatic ColorGrey
29.55 CHF
Art Primer is ideal for making surfaces smooth and shiny. Provides the perfect base for painting surfaces with the RAL ACRYL range or as a base for body painting. Quality and properties High quality nitro-combi Excellent filling power good fluidity, smooth rendering...
BrandDuplicolor ColorGrey
16.95 CHF
ColorMatic Silicone Remover is essential for professional paintwork results because it thoroughly removes dirt, grease, oil, silicone, wax, tar, adhesive residues etc. ColorMatic silicone remover saves a great deal of time because it is quick and easy to use and universally applicable. It...
Packaging400 ml BrandColormatic
24.90 CHF
ColorMatic spot blender is universally applicable for spot blending of 1K and 2K clear coats as well as for 1K and 2K topcoats. It is specially formulated to ensure the overspray will blend into the transition zone, leaving no visible difference between the old and new paintwork. This reduces the...
33.15 CHF
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