Color guide

Discover “Colour Futures” the color trends by Akzo Nobel.
Ideas for all tastes and all types of interior.

Color Futures 2023

Colors Futures 2023

Wild Wonder and its supportive palettes will bring a sense of energy and positivity into homes around the world - try it at home. Click the image and discover ideas and inspiration to help you imagine an exciting new look.

Color Futures 2022

Colors Futures 2022

The shade of 2022 is Bright Skies (T0.10.70): a fresh, airy tone that offers a breath of fresh air to breathe new life into any space. Find out how these colors can transform your next project.

Colors Futures 2021

Colors Futures 2021 dares to change. Ready to change?

Colors of the Year: “Brave Ground”

Color Futures 2020

Full of great ideas and colors, but we won't dwell on 2020 for too long, let's move on to 2021.

Color of the year: “Tranquil Dawn”

Colors Futures 2019

Always more trendy color ideas.

Color of the year: “Spiced Honey”

Colors Futures 2018

Color of the year: “Heart Wood”

Colors Futures 2017

Colors Futures 2016

Colors Futures 2015

The SIKKENS Color Guide “200 colors for Interior”

offers a selection of 200 trendy shades divided into 6 thematic color palettes. It highlights easy-to-achieve harmonies illustrated by scenarios. A must see!