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Protective non-woven fabric in synthetic fibers 180gr / m2, extra-strong with non-slip adhesion, lined with a PE film. Can be used several times Self-adhesive underside Protects surfaces from damage Width: 1m Length: 50m Surface: 50m2 per roll
Size1m x 50m
105.50 CHF 98.00 CHF
You save: 7.50 CHF
Extra matt special ceiling paint based on vinyl copolymers. "Long time open" and very suitable to be worked with the roll, without times. For interior. Characteristics:      Easy to apply, without splashing. No recovery even in grazing light      Significant open time      Extra...
Packaging12.5ltr BrandHerbol brightnessMast DilutionWater
105.70 CHF

Minimum quantity for "Herbol Classic Plafond 12.5ltr" is 12.

Matt paint for low tension walls and ceilings , with solvents, but without aromatic solvents, for indoor use. For walls and ceilings made of plaster, ribage, synthetic plaster, wood , wood-based materials, wallpapers, for concrete covered with an old stable and...
Packaging12.5ltr BrandHerbol brightnessMast Consumption7m2 / liter DilutionReady to use, White spirit
213.00 CHF
Matt matt paint for interior walls and for surfaces exposed to grazing lights based on siloxane resins with high covering power, reduced emissions, without solvents or plasticizers. Obj ek t Topweiss is an abrasion resistant product that meets the highest surface standards ....
Packaging12.5ltr BrandHerbol Consumption6m2 / liter ColorWhite
106.35 CHF
Couche de finition séchant très vite à base de résines alkydes modifiés urethane pour l’application à l’intérieur et extérieur (sur fond approprié aux conditions extérieurs) avec une bonne durabilité....
Packaging5 Kg BrandMäder brightnessSatin Consumption9m2 / kg DilutionReady to use, White spirit
109.60 CHF
Sous-couche à séchage très rapide à base des résines alkydes modifié polyurethane en intérieur, à l’extérieur sans exposition direct aux intempéries. Bon pouvoir garnissant et bonne adhérence sur nombreux...
BrandMäder brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / kg DilutionWhite spirit, Ready to use
99.67 CHF
"AMERICANO" dispersion roller in corded fabric with handle Recommended for professionals and individuals on rough and thin walls. Ideal for water-based paints. Fabric: 100% nylon cord Pile height: 18/20 mm, width 20cm  
BrandGamma Penneli Width20cm
18.90 CHF 14.90 CHF
You save: 4.00 CHF
Painting Herbol - Polarit - Innensiloxan produces little emissions and does not contain solvents or plasticizers. This painting siloxane resins at high coverage is highly resistant to abrasion, wet ribage reached a class 2 according to DIN EN...
Size12.5 Ltr BrandHerbol brightnessMast Consumption7m2 / liter DilutionReady to use, Water
121.90 CHF
ColorMatic radiator spray facilitates quick and simple coating of larger areas due to excellent flow, professional jet atomisation and high yield. High pigmentation and a fast drying time make it ideal for mobile use. It is heat resistant to 80 ° C. Application : Ideal under...
Packaging400 ml BrandDuplicolor brightnessSatin ColorS 0500-N
19.90 CHF
Polyurethane-reinforced satin lacquer, for interior and exterior, can be diluted with water. Use: For high-end, wear-resistant finishes, inside and out. Application, after suitable preparation of the substrate, on wood, materials derived from wood, metals, hard plastics as well as on old...
Size5 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessSatin-matt Consumption14m2 / liter DilutionWater, Ready to use
192.00 CHF
Covering and satin varnish based on urethane and alkyd resin, for interior and exterior Use: For high-end satin finish coatings, indoors and outdoors, after proper preparation of wood, wood-based products and metal substrates. Outside only for elements with dimensional stability and protected...
Size5 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessSatin DilutionWhite spirit, Ready to use
175.90 CHF
Joining mastic Domains of application  : connecting joints, subject to weak pressures, indoor and outdoor, for example for the sealing of little or medium-sized wood windows, blind casings and window sills. Characteristics : Universal compatibility with most of...
ColorWhite BrandHenkel
7.20 CHF 6.50 CHF
You save: 0.70 CHF
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