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DUPLI-COLOR Structured Paint Spray creates a custom surface structure, similar to plaster. It is a water-based polyurethane dispersion suitable for the repair and leveling of structural coatings. Applicable on a variety of substrates, such as concrete, plasterboard, plasterboard, wood, etc....
BrandDuplicolor brightnessMast DilutionReady to use
19.30 CHF
Fast drying insulating primer spray for interior and exterior application on the basis of synthetic resins, with excellent isolation and barrier effect against many different types of stains (especially water stains) on mineral-based substrates (plaster etc.), wood and concrete. Can be painted...
BrandDuplicolor ColorWhite
21.50 CHF
ColorMatic radiator spray facilitates quick and simple coating of larger areas due to excellent flow, professional jet atomisation and high yield. High pigmentation and a fast drying time make it ideal for mobile use. It is heat resistant to 80 ° C. Application : Ideal under...
Packaging400 ml BrandDuplicolor brightnessSatin ColorS 0500-N
19.90 CHF
A multipurpose cleaner spray, with a fresh citrus scent that works effectively on hard-to-remove substances including grease, oils grime and many adhesives. Can be used on most painted or unpainted metals (including aluminium and stainless steel), ceramic, glass and porcelain and many...
Packaging200 ml Brand3M
17.25 CHF
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