Wood stains

Protection of wood with stain
To prevent the wood from graying, deteriorating and finally completely disintegrating, it must be intensively protected – through constructive measures, but also chemical and/or physical protection. The objective is to keep the wood dry as long as possible and to prevent the proliferation of fungus.

Structural measures such as sufficiently large roof overhangs, drainage of water through window sills, drips or the absence of contact with the ground, play an essential role here.

Chemical protection (eg Cetol Aktiva) against the proliferation of discolouring and wood-destroying fungi should only be applied if the type of wood used and the location of the building make it necessary. The impregnation must have good penetrating power and an excellent depth effect so that the chemical protection only acts where it is supposed to, ie deep into the wood.

Constructive measures and chemical protection are supplemented by physical protection (stain, glaze or saturator).
It consists of several layers to protect the wood against the weather and to prevent it from absorbing water. Its effectiveness is absolutely essential and can only be maintained by regular inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Le dégriseur bois nettoie, dégrise et éclaircit tous les bois grisaillés par le soleil et les intempéries. Ce produit bois extérieur permet aussi d’éliminer les coulures et les taches de rouille. Usages...
Packaging5 Ltr
84.00 CHF 75.60 CHF
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L Before impregnation stain finish Professional wood stain finish before impregnation. Undergrowth layer for impregnating all wood species in depth and improve the adhesion of all finishes. USES New wood new or refurbished: The wood stain LX500 is an essential...
Packaging3 Ltr BrandCecil brightnessSatin-matt Consumption14m2 / liter DilutionWater
61.40 CHF
Lasure haute performance Lasure glycéro spécialement étudiée pour décorer et protéger tous les bois extérieurs sous expositions fortes  aux intempéries et aux UV USAGES Indice 30: décore et protège durablement les bois extérieurs sous...
Packaging5 Ltr BrandCecil brightnessSatin Consumption11m2 / liter DilutionWhite spirit
145.05 CHF
Multi Use Treatment of wood, insecticide / fungicide - Preventive / Curative USES : Wood exterior ( shutters, doors , cladding , fences , gates, awnings, roofs advanced , ..) and wood interiors especially in wet conditions (beams,...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandCecil Consumption11m2 / liter
20.00 CHF
Imprégnation incolore pour l'extérieur, prêt à l'emploi. Avec une action préventive contre les champignons modifiant la teinte du bois et les champignons lignivores. Sur des éléments de construction en bois non porteurs et...
Packaging5 Ltr BrandSikkens Consumption10m2 / liter DilutionWhite spirit
119.30 CHF 107.60 CHF
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Water-dilutable liquid wood preservative impregnation for exteriors. Properties: Preventive chemical protection against the proliferation of fungi that discolor and destroy the wood, for exterior softwood surfaces Application in 1 or 2 coats. Impregnate new timber...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens Consumption200ml/m2 DilutionReady to use
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The "Wood Classics" color chart contains all the classic shades of Sikkens stains. This beautiful tool is a must for all painters.
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Lasure protectrice pour bois haut de gamme en un seul pot, avec une protection contre les rayons ultraviolets à 2 phases, pour l’intérieur et l’extérieur Le produit Offenporig Pro-Décor est un glacis pour bois universel destiné à tous les types de bois à l’extérieur. Il peut être utilisé...
Packaging750 ml BrandHerbol brightnessSatin Consumption75ml/m2 DilutionReady to use, White spirit
31.90 CHF
Exterior elastic wood paint. It enables 3 phases: printing - intermediate layer - waxed finish. Micro porous, with non-film-forming UV filter. It protects against mold, fungi and moths. High resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents. Available in a variety of shades.
Packaging750 ml BrandSestriere Vernici brightnessSatin Consumption18m2 / liter DilutionReady to use, White spirit
24.45 CHF 19.00 CHF
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Saturator for the coating of wooden construction elements without formal and dimensional stability on the outside FOR DECORATION AND LONG-TERM PROTECTION OF WOOD: DECK BLADES, RAILINGS, GARDEN FURNITURE, SIDING… This water-dilutable glaze, forming a minimal protective film, is very easy to...
Packaging10 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMast Consumption13m2/ltr DilutionReady to use
281.10 CHF
The new innovative water-dilutable Sikkens Cetol BL Natural Mat varnish is extremely durable and enhances the natural beauty of wood with its extremely matt finish. The latest generation of exterior stain is available in 4 Ready Mix colors and we have also developed a color collection...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMast DilutionWater
37.95 CHF
Glazes with metallised effects based on non-film forming special oil emulsion (open to the diffusion of water vapor). For external woodwork. The product is low odor and forms an elegant matt satin surface , highly permeable to water vapor, which does not crack and is easy to...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessMetallic Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionWater, Ready to use
47.40 CHF
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Packaging1 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessSatin-matt Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionReady to use, White spirit
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Packaging5 Ltr BrandSikkens brightnessSatin-matt Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionWhite spirit, Ready to use
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