Sikkens Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe EXTRA 10 liters

Sikkens Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe EXTRA 10 liters, Color: White Sikkens Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe EXTRA 10 liters, Color: Tinted
Size10 Ltr Consumption14m2 / liter
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Covering wood paint, satin mat, for exterior use.

For effective weather protection and for enhancing timber and timber construction elements outdoors. The application is carried out, in accordance with DIN EN 927-1, on wooden elements having limited formal and dimensional stability or not having such stability (for example: wooden houses, shutterings, half-timberings, pergolas, etc. .). After appropriate preparation of the substrate, the product can also be applied to mineral substrates and galvanized facade elements.

• Corrosion inhibitor
• Prevents substances contained in the wood from piercing the layer; improved insulating effect on knots
• Practical system with 1 pot for 2 layers which saves time
• Highly weatherproof, durably beautiful and clean wooden surface
• Protective film against the proliferation of algae and mold


Two coats are sufficient for the new Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe Extra water-dilutable from Sikkens to obtain a permanently beautiful and clean wood surface. Designed as a 1-pot for 2-coat system, this decorative and reliable surface protection for exterior wood components without dimensional stability and limited stability is applied directly to raw wood, without the need for any primer. One coat is sufficient for renovation work.

Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe Extra consists of several different binders: one of them guarantees robust surfaces and high weather resistance, while the other promotes excellent elastic properties - even in thin layers. Fluctuations in temperature and the alternation between drought and humidity cause wood to swell and shrink. Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe Extra adapts to these movements to prevent the coating from cracking.

The satin sheen of Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe Extra conceals the typical irregularities of wood caused by bad weather. The new Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe Extra perfectly solves all problems, even in difficult cases: it prevents substances in the wood from piercing the layer and reduces discoloration in the knot areas. The surface is also very resistant to chalking, which therefore gives it good color stability.

And thanks to Stay Clean technology, dirt doesn't stick to the surface and rinses off easily. The surface therefore remains beautiful for a long time.

10 Ltr
  • Satin-matt
White or colored
  • 14m2 / liter
  • Ready to use
  • Water
  • easy to apply
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • permeable to water vapor
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Fiche Technique (tm_f_Wetterschutzfarbe_Extra_2_409.pdf, 1,405 Kb) [Download]

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