Antifouling thinner and single-component paint.
Packaging500 ml BrandVeneziani
14.80 CHF
VC 17m is a very low friction, high friction, Teflon® antifouling, which improves glide and speed, ideal for racing boats and fast motorboats. * Super smooth surface without sanding. * Quick drying allowing application and launching on the same day. * Applies in thin layers thus...
Packaging750 ml BrandInternational brightnessMast Consumption11m2 / liter
89.00 CHF
LONG-TERM ANTIFOULING Hard matrix antifouling paint with high copper content for optimal protection. Fits all seas, lakes or mixed waters. Good resistance to abrasion, hard matrix, is intended for sailing and motor boats, even at a speed exceeding 35 knots. Applicable on wooden hulls, iron...
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani Consumption12m2 / liter DilutionThinner 6470 ColorWhite
90.10 CHF
Premium hydrophilic base antifouling paint with high copper content supplemented with carbon for peak performance. Effective both in warm and temperate seas and in mixed waters. RAFFAELLO has a controlled solubility and can also be used on medium speed hulls as well as on sailboats. No...
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani Consumption10m2 / liter DilutionThinner 6470 ColorRed
89.00 CHF
Water and weatherproof antifouling copper, for undersea coating of boats and buoys against rotting and formation of algae. Well suited for decorative copper varnishes. properties -provides proof and weather resistant copper coatings with good stability of the copper color (a...
Packaging375 ml BrandRuco Consumption9m2 / liter DilutionReady to use, Universal Thinner - Nitrocellulose, White spirit
40.20 CHF
BICOMPONENT ANTIFOULING FOR BOATS OF REGATTA Medium hard matrix two-component antifouling based on the use of carbon as an active component for increased performance. Fast drying (two layers in the day) and smooth film. Applies to the gun. After application, the film can be sanded to 600 grit...
Packaging750 ml BrandVeneziani Consumption10m2 / liter ColorBlack
121.00 CHF
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