Personal protection

Half mask gas / vapor for respiratory protection when spraying paint and varnish spray and spray. A1 / P2  
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  Replacement filters for mask 6200 kit. 3M filter A2 with bayonet closure for masks 3M 6000. Against gases and organic steams. EN141. Contains 2 filters.     
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Replacement cartridge for the Gerson Serie 9000 mask. (1 pair) A2 protection
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Dust filter for Gerson Serie 9000 mask (5 pairs)
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A2P2 reusable respiratory protection mask. The Gerson 9000 Series Protective Mask is a low maintenance half mask designed for effective and comfortable protection against certain gases, organic vapors and hazardous particles found in industry. Removable and replaceable filters for...
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  High-efficiency dust filter, 3M 5925 For filters 3M series 6000 P2 Against fine and aerosol dust Use: Pharmaceuticals and chemicals in powder, construction and exploitation of quarry, ceramics and refractory materials, foundry,...
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Dust mask. Certification : CE-certified Normalization : EN149:2001 Class : FFP1 Limit of use : 4 x VME for dust This range has been designed to meet users’...
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3M respirator protection mask – comfort, level of protection: FFFP-2, with breathing valve, soft interior padding, innovative filter media for more protection, integrated nasal bar, double fastening.
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Light and comfortable half-mask, with two lateral filters with bayonet closure, EN140. The exchangeable filters guarantee an economic use and a continual protection against gasses, steams, dust and smoke, or other combinations of these substances. Protection A2P2 EN...
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