Marking Spray

Professional quality marking on construction sites, in the fields of underground construction, road construction and buildings. Also usable in the fields of tunnel construction and mining. Patented one-handed safety cap with Easy Touch trigger for enhanced functionality and increased...
BrandColormark ColorFluorescent yellow
14.70 CHF
The COLORMARK Ecomarker is ideally suited for making markings that must remain visible for a short time (eg sports events, trade shows, accident scene marking). Because of the chalk used in the base, the marking does not last more than a few days or weeks and quickly fades in case of...
Packaging500 ml BrandColormark ColorWhite
14.95 CHF
Marking paint for wood covering, satin matt, for exteriors. Use: For highlighting wood and wooden construction elements outdoors. For example: construction site marking post, building zone reserve post, civil engineering marking, ski slope and roadside stake, etc. ). After appropriate...
Packaging2.5 Ltr DilutionWater ColorOrange Fluo
140.00 CHF
Spray pour le marquage spécial de lignes et délimitations pour la route, les places de stationnement et les installations industrielles, ainsi que pour le marquage de sécurité.
Packaging500 ml BrandColormark ColorRal 1023
23.50 CHF
Tools suitable for precise and durable line marking. The simultaneous spraying of two COLORMARK-refills allows working speeds doubled and saves time and money. For use with Linemarker 500ml and 750ml and Eventmarker 750ml. Watch our demonstration video here Assembly instructions in...
401.50 CHF