Fluorescent - Phosphorescent

Turns all MOTIP DUPLI spray cans to mobile spray guns. For clean paint jobs - without coloured fingers. Allows non-tiring painting, even of bigger surfaces. Easy handling. Reusable for many times. Creates controllable dosage.  
Packaging400 ml BrandDuplicolor
6.95 CHF
The DUPLI-COLOR phosphorescent spray stores daylight to restore it at night. For marking escape routes, dangerous places, important devices, reinforcement or sharp edges. For painting in protective rooms, corridors, garages, cellars. To identify switches, signaling and identification panels...
Packaging400 ml BrandDuplicolor
44.90 CHF
DUPLI-COLOR phosphorescent spray: fluorescent colors for professional-quality decoration work: design of display cases, lounges, shop fittings, exterior decorations, demonstration objects and much more. Suitable for: metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiber cement, concrete, stone, paper,...
Packaging400 ml ColorSignal Red BrandDuplicolor
26.15 CHF