White wall paint, matte, breathable, with a natural lemon scent. Washable quality with more coverage than AURO white wall paint # 320. Works virtually without drops or splashes.
Packaging5 Ltr BrandAuro brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / liter ColorWhite
74.50 CHF
Lime-based interior paint with photo-catalytic effect, without synthetic dispersion. Fresh air can now be painted! The first natural paint with photocatalytic effect. Action: the special combination of raw materials acts as a catalyst that breaks down odors and pollutants using light in the air...
Packaging5 Ltr ColorWhite
107.50 CHF
Transparent and glossy varnish, solvent-free, for application on wood and wood-based materials, for interior use.
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro
35.35 CHF
Permet d'obtenir des sols en bois extrêmement résistants et anti-salissures. Laque transparente pour sols, sans solvant, à brillance moyenne. Produit antidérapane et résistant à l'usure. Testé sur la résistance à la salive...
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro Consumption12m2 / liter
45.50 CHF
Solvent-free paint, satin matt for application on wood and metals or on materials derived from wood (interior). Good drying properties and practically odorless. Suitable for children's toys as well as tested for resistance to saliva and perspiration. Pretreat wood rich in active substances with AURO Special Primer No. 117, other types of wood with AURO Wood Base No. 124. Then apply AURO Lacquer Primer No. 253 to all types of wood.
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / liter ColorWhite
42.00 CHF
The winner nominated by Stiftung Warentest! (Release 5/06, test: stains for wood). Satin wood stain, water-repellent and solvent-free (interior and exterior wood, colorless only inside). Good weather resistance, fast drying and virtually odorless. Available in 22 trendy, cheerful and colorless...
Packaging2.5 Ltr BrandAuro
104.00 CHF
A dream atmosphere for well-being! Traditional mineral paint based on slaked lime, professional quality, which stands out for its excellent properties: vapor permeable, prevents mold and absorbs odours. First choice for the realization of new constructions and also for the rehabilitation of...
Packaging5 Ltr BrandAuro ColorWhite
85.00 CHF
Cleanser and thinner with the scent of essential oils. Dilutes all AURO products from the Pursolid and Classic range. Suitable for cleaning brushes and tools after applying these products. Excellent stain remover. Composition: orange essence, balsamic turpentine
Packaging250 ml BrandAuro
20.75 CHF
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