Acrylic putty - silicone

Mastic for facades Domains of application : cracks in render and stonework, indoor and outdoor Characteristics: Looks like render Auto-adherent Adhere on damp and absorbent supports Can be painted Universal compatibility with most of...
9.45 CHF
Joining mastic Domains of application  : connecting joints, subject to weak pressures, indoor and outdoor, for example for the sealing of little or medium-sized wood windows, blind casings and window sills. Characteristics : Universal compatibility with most of...
ColorWhite BrandHenkel
7.20 CHF 6.50 CHF
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For connection joints, expansion joints for glass and sanitaryware. Fungicidal treat.
Packaging300 ml Colortransparent BrandSista
19.70 CHF 17.75 CHF
You save: 1.95 CHF