Decorative fabrics and panels

      Naturally versatile Nature fascinates us with its diversity. The same is true of the different structures of our ingrain papers based on paper and wood fibers. Whatever structure your clients choose, they will always be sure to...
The classic style collection The many structures with a uniform textile character – whether the weave is fine or coarse – impress with their style and simplicity. Universal use in all types of rooms. Combined with the appropriate paint systems, ideal for use in heavily frequented and highly...
164.25 CHF
ADEFIX® P5 glue is a glue-coating for fixing moldings and rosettes in NOMASTYL® polysyrene and ARSTYL® polyurethane. Characteristics : -Without solvents -Stays slightly elastic after drying -Can be sanded -Can be painted -Fear frost Applications: Bonding of extruded or expanded...
9.10 CHF
Ce papier ingrain intissé Vlies-Rauhfaser se distingue par sa structure harmonieuse. Il est facile à poser et se dépose tout aussi facilement. Il crée une atmosphère élégante, apaisante ou romantique. Quoi de plus simple pour embellir vos espaces ! Ce papier n‘est pas seulement beau. Il est...
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