Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus

Packaging1 Ltr Consumption17m2 / liter
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Transparent satin wood protection based on special alkyd resins with UV filter

For particularly durable protection and decoration of wood and wood elements in the open air and on the interior sides of windows. As an intermediate and final coating for wooden elements with formal and dimensional stability (windows and exterior doors).

• Very high UV resistance and UV absorption capacity
• Brilliant transparency of the glaze film
• Great stability during installation
• High weather protection
• Perfectly elastic glaze film
• Easy to use and very good resistance to blocking
• Perfect humidity regulation

Windows and doors pose a particular siding problem. Thanks to Advanced Filter Technology, Cetol Filter 7 plus provides exceptional weather protection with a perfect transparent finish. Together with Cetol HLS plus, this thick-film glaze forms the ideal system for dimensionally stable exterior timber elements which provides significantly higher strength than conventional glazing systems.

The durability of a glaze coating is determined by the combination and quality of the binders, pigments and UV filters it contains. In order for a coating to provide maximum protection to the wood, the high-quality pigments must in particular be perfectly distributed in the glaze film.

Often the pigments tend to clump together in the liquid phase of the glaze. Pigment cavities are then formed in the dry glaze film which greatly limit the reflection of UV rays. The latter can then freely penetrate into the film of the coating. Thanks to the Advanced Filter Technology and its micronized iron oxide pigments, Cetol Filter 7 plus is characterized by UV resistance and very high UV absorption, thus achieving an outdoor resistance of 25 to 30% superior to that of conventional glazes.The use of the most modern binders allows great stability during installation and guarantees a perfectly elastic glaze film. The glossy transparency of the glaze film enhances the grain of the wood. For basecoats on unfinished wood, Cetol HLS plus is used. Cetol Filter 7 plus can be applied directly if the previous coating is intact.

1 Ltr
  • Satin
  • 17m2 / liter
  • Ready to use
  • White spirit
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Long life expectancy
Support compatible
  • Interior side window
  • Porte
  • Window exterior side
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