Sikkens Cetol BL Natural Mat

Packaging1 Ltr Consumption15-20m2/ltr
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The new innovative water-dilutable Sikkens Cetol BL Natural Mat varnish is extremely durable and enhances the natural beauty of wood with its extremely matt finish. The latest generation of exterior stain is available in 4 Ready Mix colors and we have also developed a color collection made up of 16 other contemporary natural colors selected to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Naturally all colors of the Cetol range can also be prepared.

The exterior wood must be protected as well as possible so that it remains beautiful and intact for a long time. Thanks to an innovative water-based formula, the new Sikkens Cetol BL Natural Glaze offers maximum protection while highlighting the special beauty of wood with a natural matte finish and many contemporary and new natural colors. The innovative Nutri- Protect ensures that the varnish penetrates deep into the wood and protects it from the inside, so extremely matt surfaces can be achieved on the outside. The coating adapts to the natural movements of the wood, preventing the paint from cracking and peeling. The wood is optimally and long-term protected. Extremely matt and very durable - Cetol BL Natural Mat offers the highest level of wood protection, even in extreme weather conditions such as sun or rain.

The innovative NUTRI-PROTECT technology allows the glaze to penetrate deep into the wood to strengthen it from the inside. Built-in flexibility prevents cracking or peeling paint. The wood is optimally and sustainably protected. The external glazerne is also perfectly resistant to harmful weather and environmental influences and protects the wood from discoloration due to the sun or damage caused by humidity.

1 Ltr
  • Mast
  • 15-20m2/ltr
  • Water
Support compatible
  • Eaves
  • exterior wood
  • Shutters
  • Wooden barrier
  • Wooden facade
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Technisches Datenblatt (tm_si_de_cetol_bl_natural_mat.pdf, 852 Kb) [Download]

Prospectus (flyer_sikkens_cetol_bl_natural_mat_f.pdf, 1,747 Kb) [Download]

Sicherheitsblatt (si_ch_de_cetol_bl_natural_mat_base_tu.pdf, 169 Kb) [Download]

Fiche de sécurité (si_ch_fr_cetol_bl_hydratol_base_tu.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]

Fiche technique (Technisches_Merkblatt_Sikkens_CetolBLNaturalMat_FR.pdf, 879 Kb) [Download]

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