Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus

Packaging5 Ltr Consumption12m2 / liter
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Thin-layer stain based on an alkyd emulsion, satin matt, containing solvents, with a protective action against ultraviolet rays and a preventive action against bluing.

• Extreme weather resistance thanks to good impregnation power
• Very good humidity regulation
• Good UV resistance
• Very good transparency and enhancement of the grain of the wood
• Wide variety of colors


To protect exterior wood elements from damage such as drying out, cracking and warping, they need protection that allows them to withstand the harshest conditions. This protection can be provided by Cetol HLS plus, a thin layer glaze that offers excellent weather resistance.

Cetol HLS plus is a high-performance thin-layer glaze that offers significantly higher weather resistance than conventional impregnation glazes and therefore much better durability. This thin-layer glaze is a 1-pot system that can be used on substrates without dimensional stability and those with only limited stability. Cetol HLS plus is also the ideal primer to apply before Cetol Filter 7 plus on raw wood. Cetol HLS plus thus provides in-depth protection of the wood, while ensuring perfect adhesion between the wood and Cetol Filter 7 Plus

Cetol HLS plus penetrates deeply into the substrate, allows very good humidity regulation, provides very good UV protection, enhances the grain of the wood and is easy to apply. This glaze hardly forms a film. Supplied as a 1-pot system, the risk of blistering is therefore significantly reduced on wooden elements without dimensional stability and limited stability. The surface of the glacis decomposes over time under the influence of bad weather. It is therefore possible to renew it without having to carry out major preparation work.

5 Ltr
  • Satin-matt
  • 12m2 / liter
  • Ready to use
  • White spirit
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • permeable to water vapor
Support compatible
  • Eaves
  • exterior wood
  • Interior side window
  • Meuble de jardin
  • Porte
  • Shutters
  • Table
  • Terrace
  • Window exterior side
  • Wooden barrier
  • Wooden facade
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