Data Protection / Security

In short:

We do not sell your data and only use your data in the processing of your order or for the purpose of satisfying you as a customer.

In detail:

-Recording and use of your personal data.

We save and use your personal data - this including the postal address and the e-mail address - exclusively for the processing of your orders and any possible returns. We only use your email address for informational mail as part of your order, or if desired, to send our newsletter.

-Use of Cookies

Visitors to our website use different browsers and computers. To make your visit with the technology used as easy as possible, we automatically record certain information. This includes the type of browser you are using (eg Firefox, Internet Explorer), your operating system (eg Windows, Macintosh) as well as the domain name of your service provider. We also record the total number of visitors to our website so that we can continuously update and optimize our pages. Personal data is not saved in our cookies. In our cookies, the following data is recorded: the name of our website, the date of your visit, a sequence of characters that clearly identifies you.

Using this data, we can see if the majority of visitors prefer certain functions or topics to others. In this way, we can keep our website current and interesting to the majority of our visitors.

-No transmission of personal data

We do not pass on your personal data together with your postal address and your e-mail address to third parties. Exceptions are service partners who require the transmission of data for order processing, such as post, DHL, our banks (e.g. direct debit or purchase in multiple installments) or companies with creditworthiness databases. in the case of a billing request. In this case, data transmission is limited to the minimum necessary.

-Information, correction, blocking and deletion of personal data

You have the right to obtain information as well as to request the correction, blocking and deletion of your stored data. If a deletion is impossible for legal, contractual or commercial or tax law conservation reasons or other legal reasons, only a blocking of the data can take place instead of a deletion. You can revoke the authorization to use and process data for marketing purposes (information mail) at any time by sending us a corresponding message. You can do this by informal mail to H.-L. Deriaz SA, Po Riviera Couleurs, Av. Reller 32, 1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey or by sending an e-mail to

-Tracking data

To improve the offer, we collect tracking data that tells us about the browsing behavior of users. This tracking data, such as that collected by Google Analytics, does not identify users and is therefore anonymous.

-Data protection laws

Personal data is exclusively collected and stored within the framework of legal guidelines.