Article for the professional: gluing, sanding, protection and cleaning! Quality product for construction as well as professional solutions for painters and plasterers.
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Waterproof paper, silicon carbide grain, closed powdering, resine binder. Available in grains 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240, 280, 320, 360, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200. Characteristics et benefits : Excellent resistance of the support and the grain with a water...
Brand3M Grains80
2.00 CHF
Scotch ™ 2321 tape can be used throughout the industry for many general purpose applications such as short-term paint masking, holding, fixing, banding, sealing and any other work where a thin and conformable tape, having good adhesion is necessary. Features / Uses: • Good initial adhesion...
Brand3M Width24 mm
3.35 CHF
Light and comfortable half-mask, with two lateral filters with bayonet closure, EN140. The exchangeable filters guarantee an economic use and a continual protection against gasses, steams, dust and smoke, or other combinations of these substances. Protection A2P2 EN...
83.65 CHF
Pad for cleaning, finishing and mattifying, very fine grain. Materials: metals, wood, plastic and other materials of industry. 1 pad 158x224mm.
Brand3M ColorRed
3.50 CHF
A multipurpose cleaner spray, with a fresh citrus scent that works effectively on hard-to-remove substances including grease, oils grime and many adhesives. Can be used on most painted or unpainted metals (including aluminium and stainless steel), ceramic, glass and porcelain and many...
Packaging200 ml Brand3M
17.65 CHF
Half mask gas / vapor for respiratory protection when spraying paint and varnish spray and spray. A1 / P2  
39.90 CHF
Characteristics : • Thanks to its acrylate adhesive, which doesn’t dry out, the tape number 2090 presents an excellent UV resistance. • So it suits long-term masking works and exposed UV surfaces protection, where using traditional masking tapes might cause...
8.10 CHF
    Semi-flexible paper, weight C (P80-P120) or D (P150-P180) depending on the grain, aluminium oxide grain, green powdering, resine binder. Available in grains 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240. The semi-flexibility allows a bending without loss of grain....
Brand3M Grains100
1.50 CHF
  Characteristics : • Not very sticky masking tape for clean color  edges. • Particularly adapted to mask indoor delicate surfaces thanks to its weak adhesion which doesn’t damage them. • Can be removed without residues. • Good UV...
14.10 CHF
  Replacement filters for mask 6200 kit. 3M filter A2 with bayonet closure for masks 3M 6000. Against gases and organic steams. EN141. Contains 2 filters.     
105.30 CHF
Adhesive cleaner removes sticky adhesive residue Renews appearance of vehicles with a fresh, clean surface Safe for use on painted surfaces, vinyl and fabric when properly used Bulk can or spray-on aerosol affords convenience for quick applications
Packaging1 Ltr Brand3M
42.55 CHF
Polishing liquid
Packaging1 kg Brand3M
65.80 CHF
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