Article for the professional: gluing, sanding, protection and cleaning! Quality product for construction as well as professional solutions for painters and plasterers.
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3M 235U sandpaper roll
Brand3M Grains120
64.85 CHF
Adhesive cleaner removes sticky adhesive residue Renews appearance of vehicles with a fresh, clean surface Safe for use on painted surfaces, vinyl and fabric when properly used Bulk can or spray-on aerosol affords convenience for quick applications
Packaging1 Ltr Brand3M
47.45 CHF
3M "Profi" solid model, without knife
85.10 CHF
Application domain - For light cleaning, finishing, deburring and deburring of metal, plastic, wood and lacquer - For manual and mechanical applications (finishing sander) - Purple: to grind off new parts, side parts and engine valves, to scrape aluminum, to clean car tires and...
Brand3M ColorGrey
72.00 CHF 61.20 CHF
You save: 10.80 CHF
Adaptateur PPS pour pistolet IWATA 400 et notre gamme de pistolet HVLP  
38.00 CHF
Adaptateur PPS N° 6 pour pistolet Airgunsa AZ3  
38.00 CHF
Precise control of the surface to be sanded, covers regularly. For wet and dry sanding systems. Hand pad included
49.90 CHF
Half mask gas / vapor for respiratory protection when spraying paint and varnish spray and spray. A1 / P2  
39.90 CHF
Polyéthylène/Polypropylène laminé, faible de peluches, antistatique, élastique autour du cou et du visage et protection pour les épaules, taille universelle. Protection contre les poussières dangereuses et légères éclaboussures de liquides (TYP 5/6). Pour utilisation en environnement non dangereux.
1.80 CHF
La gamme de combinaisons 3M™ 4515 est prévue pour des applications pendant lesquelles le porteur est susceptible d’entrer en contact avec des poussières dangereuses (Type 5) et des projections faibles et limitées de produits chimiques liquides (Type 6)...
Brand3M SizeM
9.15 CHF
3M™ Trizact™ finishing abrasive discs consist of abrasives structured in tetrahedral or elongated pyramids containing several layers of grains (advanced micro replication technology) • Part of the 3M™ Perfect-It™ Paint Finish System for high gloss and dark color paint finishes • Ideal...
Brand3M Grains3000
10.30 CHF
Product details Precise multi-hole design eliminates the need for hole alignment Open layer and clog-resistant coating, preventing clogging and thus maximizing cutting efficiency and product life 3M ™ Hookit ™ Discs are easy to replace and reuse, for optimum life Aluminum oxide...
Brand3M Grains120
1.10 CHF
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