Permanently elastic bodywork sealant for front and rear aprons, overlapping seams in the trunk, passenger compartment, wheel arches ... Adheres to raw sheets, primed and painted, can be repainted and can reproduce any structure.
25.75 CHF
1200W polisher with electronic stepless speed regulation (1000 to 3300 rpm). Easy and safe to handle. Including 150mm cushion and wool cap.
242.50 CHF 220.00 CHF
You save: 22.50 CHF
Beige spray filler To fill in scratches, rough surfaces, pores and other unevenness in the material. Must be used on white steel, polyester putty, old paint and fiberglass. Pot life: 30-40 minutes Drying time: 120 minutes at 20 ° C, 30 minutes at 60 ° C Sandable after 2 or 3 hours Jet...
25.70 CHF
Éviter le colmatage des buses Aucun produit n'est parfait, mais les filtres wagner font en sorte qu'ils y ressemblent Seuls les tamis de crosse vous permettront d'obtenir un résultat optimal Convient à tous les domaines d'application : disponibles en différentes tailles de...
Brand4CR ColorWhite
48.50 CHF