Find the Auro range of natural paints at Riviera Couleurs. Products of 100% natural composition, effective and of good quality.
With countertop oil, your dream kitchen still looks great 20 years later. For regular maintenance of solid wood worktops and kitchen units. Protects against dirt and water, accentuates wood nuances and provides breathable surfaces for a healthy indoor climate.
Packaging500 ml BrandAuro
40.45 CHF
Huile dure à séchage rapide pour l'intérieur. Pour un traitement unique de surfaces normalement sollicitées en bois et en liège ou comme primaire de surfaces à pouvoir absorbant avant traitement à l'huile et à la cire. Couleur...
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro brightnessSatin-matt Consumption20m2 / Liter
49.60 CHF
Baume de cire d'abeille liquide à appliquer avec un chiffon ou un pinceau. Permet d'obtenir après lustrage une surface particulièrement agréable au toucher, soyeuse et couleur miel. Les surfaces plus importantes peuvent être traitées au rouleau...
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro Consumption15m2 / liter
50.25 CHF
Baume anti-salissures sans solvant, à la cire d'abeille et à la cire végétale pour meubles et sols en bois, linoléum, liège et carrelages en argile non émaillés. Annoblit et protège durablement. Peut être appliqué...
Packaging400 ml BrandAuro brightnessSatin-matt Consumption40m2
42.65 CHF
COLORS FOR LIFE No. 560 solvent-free, semi-matt, machine-tintable wood stain is available in 65 different shades. The technical properties comply with DIN/EN standards for "Toy processing DIN EN 71-3" and "Resistance to sweat and saliva DIN 53160". Stain 560 is suitable for indoors and...
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro
38.80 CHF
Heavily coated balm with beeswax and vegetable wax with natural lemon scent for furniture and floors made of wood, linoleum, cork and unglazed clay tiles. Allows to obtain honey color surfaces with open pores. Can be applied with a ball cloth or, for larger surfaces, with a waxing machine...
Packaging100 ml BrandAuro
18.90 CHF
White wall paint, matte, breathable, with a natural lemon scent. Washable quality with more coverage than AURO white wall paint # 320. Works virtually without drops or splashes.
Packaging5 Ltr BrandAuro brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / liter ColorWhite
83.80 CHF
Permet d'obtenir des sols en bois extrêmement résistants et anti-salissures. Laque transparente pour sols, sans solvant, à brillance moyenne. Produit antidérapane et résistant à l'usure. Testé sur la résistance à la salive...
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro Consumption12m2 / liter
47.30 CHF
Transparent impregnation for wood with a natural lemon scent (inside). Can be used as a single treatment for normally stressed wood or cork surfaces or as a primer on absorbent surfaces before treatment with oil and wax. Allows to obtain a honey-colored surface. Can be tinted (max. 20%) with...
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro
47.55 CHF
Transparent solvent-free oil for wood and cork surfaces indoors, also suitable for floors and other heavily used surfaces. Provides durable, honey-tinted surfaces with easy application
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro
56.60 CHF
Solvent-free paint, satin matt for application on wood and metals or on materials derived from wood (interior). Good drying properties and practically odorless. Suitable for children's toys as well as tested for resistance to saliva and perspiration. Pretreat wood rich in active substances with AURO Special Primer No. 117, other types of wood with AURO Wood Base No. 124. Then apply AURO Lacquer Primer No. 253 to all types of wood.
Packaging750 ml BrandAuro brightnessMast Consumption9m2 / liter ColorWhite
47.30 CHF
Surface preparation for plaster and wall paints on highly or unequally absorbent wall materials (eg plasterboard and gypsum fiber, mineral interior plaster). Can be applied with a ceiling brush, can also be sprayed.
77.20 CHF
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