Gamma Penneli

Gamma Penneli
A large range of Gamma Penneli products available for Switzerland. Quality brushes and paintbrushes at very competitive prices.
21.80 CHF
19.70 CHF
High quality radiator brush. Natural silk Thickness 17mm Width 1.5 inch = 3.8cm
25.20 CHF 19.80 CHF
You save: 5.40 CHF
17.50 CHF
The super professional anti-drip ceiling brush Hair: Selected Pure Chinese Blonde Chungking Hair and Hankow Hair. Handle: Natural wood covered with rubber.
BrandGamma Penneli Width80x180mm
40.20 CHF
Universal flat brush. HAIR: Blend of blonde hair and synthetic fibres. HANDLE: Natural wood FERRULE: Brass. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Ideal for applying water-based and synthetic products. Great softness and durability Width: 1" = 25mm 2" = 50mm 3"...
3.50 CHF
BrandGamma Penneli Size200x80x70mm
29.90 CHF
15.25 CHF 13.30 CHF
You save: 1.95 CHF
15.90 CHF
High quality microfibre polyester fleece. Suitable for all types of paint and for all surfaces. Length of mowing: 18mm Inside diameter: 55mm Width: 25cm
BrandGamma Penneli Width25cm
17.50 CHF 15.70 CHF
You save: 1.80 CHF
Synthetic green bristle radiator brush Silk: Green Gemini. HANDLE: Ergonomic in natural wood. Ferrule: Nickel plated. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: Suitable for water-based, synthetic-based and micaceous iron enamel paints.
BrandGamma Penneli Width40 mm
5.65 CHF
4.80 CHF
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