24.50 CHF
Metallo Fuso is a decorative coating based on metallic powders for interior walls. It consists of powders of metal alloys, two-component epoxy resin compounds, fillers and special rheological additives, which allows the product to have excellent workability. The application of Metallo Fuso...
602.00 CHF
12.05 CHF
Decorative coating for interiors with metallic effect Africa is a finish for interior decorations based on fillers with slightly metallic effects. These fillers create a pleasant play of light and reflected colors. Jobs Africa provides velvety chromatic solutions and visual and tactile...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandNovacolor Consumption9m2 / liter
98.05 CHF
Soft metallic texture for interiors with a moderately pearly and matte effect Animamundi interprets the concept of “washed-out concrete” in an innovative way, offering on the one hand a product with a slightly pearly and mat effect, and on the other hand a strong material connotation.
Packaging1 Ltr BrandNovacolor Consumption6m2 / liter
92.50 CHF
“Concrete” effect lime plaster Archi + Concrete is a powdered lime plaster, formulated in accordance with the rules of tradition. It is composed of hydrated lime, white concrete, inert materials specially selected and rheological modifiers to guarantee an excellent applicability.The...
Packaging15 Kg BrandNovacolor
153.50 CHF
27.95 CHF
Mineral decorative coating for interior finishes CalceCruda is an indoor and outdoor decorative mineral coating with a very natural connotation. Calcecruda is formulated on the basis of the specific properties of hydrated lime, purified clay, selected marbles and natural sands, which,...
Packaging5 Kg BrandNovacolor Consumption2kg/m2 DilutionReady to use
58.95 CHF
Cold applied polyethylene wax for mineral finishes Cera-Wax is a synthetic product, based on polyethylenic waxes, special metallic pigments and rheological modifiers to guarantee excellent applicability.Its particular formulation also allows to obtain a high degree of shine, different...
Packaging1 Ltr BrandNovacolor ColorColorless
43.00 CHF
37.50 CHF
37.50 CHF
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