Epoxy resin for laminating TD165

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Sika TD165 is a laminate and cast epoxy resin formulated with highly translucent components with very good UV stability. It was developed for the production of foundry and decorative objects requiring careful finishing, for small parts and for layering.

working thickness 1 to 10mm max.

This resin is preferably used as a casting resin without reinforcements because of its very light color and its hardening without cracks (up to 10mm). Unlike polyester casting resins, epoxy resin hardens without shrinking (<2%), providing a shiny surface that does not stick. Organic and inorganic preparations and metals are suitable for coating. Objects must be dry and non-porous (risk of bubbles if air is trapped in the objects).

The resin has high clarity and does not create yellowing.
Dries at room temperature.
Very easy mixing and excellent degassing.
Very good UV resistance
Almost odorless.
Excellent resistance to physical shock and thermal shock .

Mix Ratio :
100: 50 by weight. (100gr of resin for 50gr of hardener)
100: 50 by volume. (100ml of resin for 50ml of hardener)

- The ambient temperature is the essential parameter for a successful casting of SikaBiresin® TD150 / TD165. There is a causal relationship between the ambient temperature (AT), the volume of resin poured and the cure time. A fast hardening due to high ambient temperatures create high exothermic reaction and the hardened resin may become yellow with marks on top.

- In surface casting on thin layers (1 to 5 mm), an ambient temperature (25 -: sans serif; transform: scaleX (0.93136); "role =" presentation "dir =" ltr "> 30 ° C) is recommended to accelerate hardening and obtain the best properties.

- Mixing must be done manually or with a mixer. Be careful not to incorporate too much air when mixing. An emulsion should be avoided.

- After a first mixing in a bucket, pour the product into a second bucket to complete the mixing. Thoroughly scrape the sides of the mixing bucket. Allow the mixture to auto-debull for at least 10 minutes before pouring, otherwise, make
vacuum casting.

- Due to the long pot life and the low viscosity of the product, the casting frame must be completely waterproof. Cured resin will not adhere to brown packing tape and it can be used for corners and other places where resin should not stick to the backing.

- Liquid or paste wax can also be used to prevent sticking on models or supports. Wood or porous surfaces of models must be treated with a corke suitable pore. Quick-setting epoxy or varnish can be used before pouring to protect porous surfaces. Well let harden before pouring the resin.

- After pouring and a suitable waiting time, the remaining bubbles can easily be removed with a heat gun (sweep the surface from a distance of 15-20 cm).

- Light sanding and varnishing is almost always necessary to achieve the desired glossy and flat effect. Use the proper tools to avoid heating the resin when sanding. Wet sanding is recommended.

- Polishing paste on a pad gives the best finish. Do not overheat the casting layer to avoid marks.

Calculate the quantity needed:
Width x Height x Length divided by 1000.
Ex: 10cm x 0.3cm x 100cm = 300/1000 = 0.3 Liter

The mistakes not to make.

Epoxy resin faq

  • bright
Compatible hardener:
  • included
  • colorless
  • Impeccable stretch
  • Sanding
  • without withdrawal
  • inside
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Fiche technique (SikaBiresin_TD150-165_fr.pdf, 201 Kb) [Download]

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