Sikkens Alpha Supraliet White

Packaging5 Ltr Consumption9m2 / liter
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Matt mineral paint for exterior walls based on polysilicates and inorganic pigments stable to light.

Main advantages

  • Fast drying.
  • Good weather resistance.
  • Based on the latest generation of silicates; stable dispersion of colloidal silicas (nanotechnology).
  • Mineral paint, in accordance with DIN 18363.
  • Based on modified silane, ensures good adhesion to any mineral and organic support.
  • High water vapor permeability - class V1 (high) according to DIN EN 1062 (determined according to NBN EN ISO 7783).
  • Approved for historical monuments

Alpha Supraliet: Ideal for all facades!

For application on substrates suitable for silicification, such as lime, cement and elongated cement plasters, sand-lime brick masonry, etc. as well as on substrates which do not allow silicification, such as synthetic plasters or paints synthetic dispersions. For a judicious coating on composite thermal insulation systems (WDVS), adapted to the physics of a building and as well on the new as in the renovation.

The paint is not suitable for application on paint layers based on alkyd resin (synthetic enamel).

High water vapor permeability, low tendency to get dirty, good water resistance, no stress, excellent hiding power. Thanks to a high pH value and a reinforced protective film, the product offers good resistance against the proliferation of algae and fungi. The action of this film depends on the construction of the building, the surrounding conditions and is limited in time.

5 Ltr
  • Mast
White or colored
  • 9m2 / liter
  • Supraliet Primer
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • High coverage
  • Long life expectancy
  • permeable to water vapor
  • without tension
  • Outside
Support compatible
  • Murs extérieurs
  • old painting
  • Plaster
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Fiche technique (tm_f_alpha_supraliet_neu_g.pdf, 798 Kb) [Download]

Technisches Merkblatt (tm_d_alpha_supraliet_gross.pdf, 712 Kb) [Download]

Sicherheitsdatenblatt (si_ch_de_alpha_supraliet.pdf, 155 Kb) [Download]

Fiche de sécurité (si_ch_fr_alpha_supraliet.pdf, 154 Kb) [Download]

Algues et champignons sur les façades isolées thermiquement (Algues_et_champignons_sur_les_façades_isolées_thermiquement.pdf, 149 Kb) [Download]

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