Sikkens Cetol BLX Pro

Packaging5 Ltr Consumption15m2 / liter
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Thin-layer protective glaze for coating exterior wood substrates.

Application: For the protection and improvement of timber and timber construction elements outdoors. On wooden construction elements that do not have formal and dimensional stability (for example: wooden houses, formwork, half-timbering, pergolas, etc.), the installation is done by applying several layers of Cetol BLX Pro

On timber construction elements with formal and dimensional stability (eg windows and exterior doors), Cetol BL XPro is used as a primer and Cetol BLX PRO Top is used as an intermediate and top coat.

Properties: The product is easy to use, open-pored, water-repellent, low odor and offers good penetrating power and good humidity regulation. In order to protect the coating film from microorganisms, a preservative has been added to the product and therefore it should not be used indoors. Note: Exterior windows and doors, including interior faces, are not considered interior.

• Extremely fast drying with sufficient opening time
• Rain resistant after 90 minutes
• Recoatable after 2 hours
• Efficient thanks to reduced waiting times between coats


Cetol BLX-Pro is based on a completely new binder technology, thus solving one of the classic problems of water-thinnable glazes: too rapid drying leading to the appearance of joints. This innovative thin-layer glaze combines an extended opening time and rapid through-drying, ensuring perfect results even in inclement weather conditions. And it does so much faster than conventional glazes since it allows up to three coats to be applied in a single day.

This express glaze is particularly suitable for covering wooden elements with limited stability and without dimensional stability (facades) and, when using it with Cetol BLX-Pro Top, for dimensionally stable elements (windows). This cost effective thin layer glaze generates little splash and is very easy to apply. Cetol BL XPro impresses with its very high depth penetration and very good adhesion.

5 Ltr
  • 15m2 / liter
  • Ready to use
  • Water
  • easy to apply
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • permeable to water vapor
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