Sikkens Cetol Novatech

Packaging5 Ltr Consumption15m2 / liter
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Wood stain rich in solids and with reduced solvent content, based on "high solid" resins, satin gloss, for exterior building parts

For economic and ecological protection and the creation of wood and paneling in the exterior sector. The application is carried out on woodwork without dimensional stability (e.g. chalets, formwork, half-timbering, pergolas, etc.)

“High solid” resin technology means, for Novatech, a high solids content (approx. 68% by weight) with a low content of volatile organic solvents. Thus, dry layer thicknesses are obtained so high that 2 coats of Cetol Novatech correspond to 3 coats of a conventional thin-film stain system. Strong protection against UV rays, long-lasting protection against bad weather, optimal properties regulating the humidity rate, ensure a long-lasting protective effect of Cetol Novatech coatings.

• No visible joints even over large areas and at high temperatures
• Very high UV protection and durable weather protection
• Profitable thanks to the economy of an application (time and material)

Thanks to Cetol Novatech, Sikkens sets new standards in terms of wood coating. With only two coats on raw wood and a single coat to renovate, Cetol Novatech restores a fresh and vibrant look even on heavily exposed exterior woodwork, a result that would normally require multiple coats. This High Solid glaze is therefore very economical, because it saves time and material.

Cetol Novatech Glaze made from High Solid resins with a high solids content is a 2-layer system that provides the same high weather resistance and surface protection as a conventional 3-layer system. The highly transparent glaze protects the exterior elements and enhances the grain of the wood in depth and with transparency. Cetol Novatech thus gives the wood an expressive force identical to that conferred by traditional thin-layer glazes - and this, with one layer less. We therefore save time and material. The high surface area yield of the High Solid glaze also has a positive effect on the processing of the material.

This satin glaze is suitable for exterior elements without dimensional stability and limited stability as well as for the intermediate layer and topcoat of exterior elements with dimensional stability. Its extended opening time allows seamless work, even at high temperatures. This glaze is therefore the ideal product for the summer, the high season of application of the glaze.

5 Ltr
  • Satin
  • 15m2 / liter
  • Ready to use
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Long life expectancy
  • permeable to water vapor
  • Outside
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