Sikkens Rubbol Bl Magura 1 liter

Sikkens Rubbol Bl Magura 1 liter, Color: White Sikkens Rubbol Bl Magura 1 liter, Color: Tinted
Size1 Ltr Consumption11m2 / liter
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Matt lacquer based on acrylic resin reinforced with polyurethane, for interior use, water dilutable

  • Extremely matt surface (<8Glossunit)
  • Polyurethane-reinforced varnish, washable, resistant to wear and cleaning products
  • Little odorant.
  • Very good flow and high covering power
  • Heat resistance up to 80 ° C (ok for radiators)
  • Does not turn yellow
  • No thermoplasticity
  • Hand sweat resistant
  • Easy to use thanks to a very long opening time

For matt and extremely wear-resistant coatings on wood, metal, hard PVC as well as on old acrylic and acrylic resin-based layers. Use, in particular, on windows, partitions, various wooden elements, etc. inside. Thanks to its resistance up to a temperature of 80 ° C, this varnish can also be applied to radiators.

The product is low odor, displays good flow, excellent filling power and covering power, resists yellowing and wear well. The coatings are very resistant to wear and common cleaning products.

1 Ltr
  • Mast
White or colored
  • 11m2 / liter
  • Ready to use
  • Water
  • High coverage
  • Minergie-ECO
  • perfect finish
  • Washable
Support compatible
  • Furniture
  • Interior side window
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Murs intérieurs
  • old painting
  • Porte
  • Wood
  • Wooden barrier
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