How to change antifouling after applying VC17

If your boat has been painted with VC 17 and you wish to change the antifouling, here is the procedure to follow to avoid any problems in the more or less long term:

  1. Completely sand the hull to remove 100% of VC 17.
  2. Wash the hull with a detergent to remove VC 17 dust (no thinner, as this spreads the Teflon particles).
  3. Sanding finish.
  4. If necessary, apply one or more coats of primer.
  5. Application of 3 coats of antifouling.


  1. Stripping by sanding with P150 or P180.
  2. Washing the hull with 09 Nautic-clean.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Sanding finishes.
  5. Application of one or two coats of Mistral fondo or Defender if necessary.
  6. Application of 3 layers of hard matrix antifouling EUROSPRINT Semi erodible CUPRON or erodible RAFFAELLO or SPEEDY CARBONIUM high competition antifouling.

All these antifoulings are compatible with fresh water and sea water!